All Products Reiki Charged for Amplified Healing Benefits!    

About Miracle Botanicals Essential Oils Products

Miracle Botanicals is a line of healing, detoxifying and beautifying products based on the power of pure plant essences.

Its founder, Hope Johnson sources the finest pure essential oils from all over the globe, and has them delivered to Pahoa, Hawaii – a geographical location close to Madame Pele - the most active volcanic personality on Earth – an entity known to facilitate rapid transformations and manifestations.

Once the various essential oils are delivered to her home on the healing island, Hope charges them with Reiki energy to amplify their ability to communicate Divine wisdom to human consciousness.

The resulting products impart beautiful aromas while gently inviting and allowing the body/mind to release stagnant energies – the only ‘thing’ that can hold anyOne apart from experiencing the beauty, bliss and abundance that Life has to offer.