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Purchase Vision - 6th Chakra 100% Pure Essential Oil Blend
    Vision - 6th Chakra 100% Pure Essential Oil Blend

  • Third Eye Chakra Essential Oil Blend consisting of:

    • German Chamomile - This blue colored oil facilitates connection with non-ordinary realities, Divine source and vibrations of angelic quality
    • Immortelle (Helichrysum Italicum) - Activates the right side of the brain. Assists in interpreting psychic impressions. Promotes spiritual understanding.
    • Neroli - Reunites the conscious and subconscious minds
    • Hawaiian Sandalwood - Quiets the mind. Promotes wisdom through deep meditation, and integrates healing energy

    Each essential oil in this Blend was received and Reiki infused by Hope Johnson according to its contribution to balancing the frequency of the Third Eye.

    Offered as 100% Pure Essential Oil or as a 10% Dilute in our Golden Organic Virgin Argan

    No fillers, synthetics or pesticides. Made in Hawaii

    Third Eye Chakra Information:

    Sanskrit Name: Ajna.

    Color: Indigo.

    Element: Light.

    Essential oils connected to the third eye chakra tend to be introspective, meditative and potent.

    The synergy of aromatic compounds in this blend is useful for developing inner vision, intuition, psychic abilities, lucid dreaming and foresight.


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Chakra Function:

The third eye chakra is the center of power to visualize your destiny; it is a center of divine knowledge, wisdom, intuition, intellect, and inner vision. A fully balanced third eye chakra is "open" and is the key to knowing the truth behind the world of illusions, and living an inspired life of balance, joy and grace. The third eye chakra is concentrated on in meditation to bring about a full re-balance of the mind and body, in order to create peace. It is believed to be the gateway to knowledge and many ancient civilizations have seen the power in this particular chakra; it was known as the seat of the soul and the soul eye. The ancient Egyptians called the third eye chakra the Eye of Heru; the Chinese named it the Eye of Buddha.

Issues of the Third Eye Chakra:

If the third eye chakra is imbalanced, it can lead to overly analytic behavior, absentmindedness, narrow mindedness, egotistical behavior, memory loss, deafness, brain tumor, insomnia, pain, learning difficulties, blindness, and dyslexia. Other manifestations of an unbalanced third eye chakra include migraines, mental exhaustion, and psychic overload. A "closed" 6th chakra also manifests as relationships with people who have ill intent, getting into bad business deals and trusting the untrustworthy. When the 6th or third eye chakra is open and balanced, you can see your destiny from moment to moment, and live it. There is also a sense of knowing where your actions and relationships with people, places and things will lead; and with that comes with the ability to move toward what's good for you and away from that which does not serve your highest good.

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