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Purchase Verbena (Wild) Essential Oil - Organic
    Verbena (Wild) Essential Oil - Organic

    • Botanical Name: Lippia Javanica
    • Plant Part: Leaves
    • Method of Extraction: Steam Distilled
    • Country of Origin: South Africa
    • Color/Consistency: Deep, Bright Orange 
    • Aroma: Very Fresh, Green, Lemony, Bitter
    • Perfumery Note: Top
    • Main Chemical Components: Myrcenone (52.90%), Linalool (7.83%), Mrycene (6.77%), alpha-Phellandrene (6.09%)

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Organic Wild Verbena Essential Oil is steam distilled from a perennial, deciduous, South African shrub with a strong spicy lemony scent. Once distilled, the oil has a strong, unique aroma that is hot and also bitter. 

Because of its high citral content, Wild Verbena makes a great insect repellant, can uplift the mood and ease the respiratory system. Wild Verbena Essential Oil is also known for its antibacterial, antispasmodic, tonic and sedative qualities.

Aroma: Very Fresh, Green, Lemony, Bitter

Properties: Antibacterial, Antispasmodic, Insect Repellant, Tonic, Sedative
Specific Benefits of Verbena Essential Oil:

Insect Repellant 
Verbena Essential Oil is known to be a great help in keeping those little insect pests away. Try applying topically with a carrier oil or diffuse and enjoy a bug free atmosphere. 

Respiratory Health
Strengthen and ease the Respiratory system through out the year with Verbena Essential Oil. Verbena has been used to help with fever, colds, coughs, asthma, bronchitis and headaches.
Have you been suffering with migranes? Verbena might just be the essential oil that could help!

Digestive Aid
Digestive disorders have no hold on Verbena Essential Oil. Use to soothe the digestive system to facilitate optimal performance, relieve constipation, expel gas, and ease indigestion

Back Pain
Verbena Essential Oil has been used for pain relief, particularly for joint and muscle pains. Thanks to its powerful anti-inflammatory and analgesic compounds, it can relieve aches, spasms, and deep-seated pains such as those in the knees or shoulders.  

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