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Sweet dreams essential oil blend has been crafted by Hope Johnson specifically to promote sound, restorative sleep. In various and unique ways, all of the oils in the blend help to relieve anxiety, regulate and decrease stress hormones, and relax nerves. This special combination of oils can help you fall asleep more quickly, and to sleep more deeply. In particular:

Used to help reduce anxiety, and has been shown scientifically to promote deep sleep.

Used to help relax nerves, acts as a mild sedative, and remove stress. 

Used to soothe the nervous system, allowing for a deep release of tension.

Naturally improves mood, and acts as a sedative for both the mind and the body.

Known as a nerve tonic and its ability to support the body in avoiding and eliminating nervous disorders.

Used for its powerful calming and anti-anxiety effects and acts as a pain-reliever.

"The Oil of Tranquility", known to lower rapid heart rate and return the body to a calmer states.

It also contains the following complementary essential oils to help with anxiety and nervous system repair:

Helps overcome insomnia... All of the essential oils in the Sweet Dreams blend have been used for a long time to deal with insomnia. They relieve both the mind and body of stress and provide the relaxation that's necessary for the initial stages of sleep to occur. 

Promotes deep sleep... In addition to overcoming trouble falling asleep, this blend promotes longer phases of deep, restorative sleep, which is necessary both for repairing the body and for preventing daytime sleepiness. 

Reduces anxiety and regulates stress hormones... Several of the essential oils in this blend (particularly lavender, chamomile, and cannabis) are powerful anti-anxiety agents. They are commonly used to relieve nervous tension and regulate the production of stress hormones that contribute to sleeping problems.

Fragrant sleep aid: 

8 drops Sweet Dreams Essential Oil Blend 
Mix the Pomegranate Seed Oil and the essential oil blend, and apply to your chest and to the back of your neck before you go to bed. 

Bedtime inhalation: 
Sweet Dreams Essential Oil Blend 
Simply use several drops of the blend in your diffuser in your bedroom as you go to sleep and throughout the night. 

Relaxing evening home spa: 
1 tablespoon Argan Oil 
8 drops Sweet Dreams Essential Oil Blend 
Mix the essential oils blend with the Argan Oil before adding them to the bath water to help the blend to disperse well.

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