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Purchase Sleepy - 100% Pure Essential Oil Blend
    Sleepy - 100% Pure Essential Oil Blend

    • Ingredients: Pure Essential Oil Blend of Organic Ylang Ylang Complete, Red Mandarin, Pemou, Organic Himalayan Cedarwood, Wildcrafted Cape Chamomile, and Organic Blue Tansy 
    • Aroma: Fruity, Sweet and Woody
    • Made in Hawaii
    • Also Available as a Body Oil

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A sleep-time blend formulated specifically for those feeling like they need a calming aid to a peaceful night's rest. This blend can be especially soothing when used in a diffusor for children or adults that have trouble winding down from the day's activities and settling into a deep slumber. 

Our Sleepy blend's fruity, woody, candy-like aroma will lull you into a drowsy dreamworld and blanket you in feelings of comfort and serenity the whole night through. 

Properties: Anti-inflammatory, Hormone Balancing, Antibiotic, Clearing, Antibacterial, Sedative, Analgesic, Anti-allergic, Anti-convulsive, Antidepressant

Organic Ylang Ylang Complete (Cananga Odorata):  This complete distillation yields a comprehensive and representative collection of Ylang Ylang compounds. Compared to other Ylang Ylang distillations, Ylang Ylang Complete contains higher amounts of the sesquiterpene Germacrene D, a compound that’s been studied for its antibacterial and cancer-protective actions.

Red Mandarin (Citrus Reticulata): Mandarin essential oil can be used to help with a range of digestive issues and can also naturally improve mood, and help remove feelings of strain, anxiety, and anxiousness. Because of this, mandarin essential oil can be used to deal with cases of insomnia and to improve sleep quality. 

Pemou - Siam Wood (Fokienia Hodginsii): Thanks to its anti-inflammatory and sedative properties, Pemou essential oil is often used as an effective means of relieving physical pain. In addition, Pemou essential oil is known to alleviate negative emotions associated with isolation and loneliness. 

Organic Himalayan Cedarwood (Cedrus Deodara): Well known as an emotionally grounding oil, Himalayan Cedarwood Essential Oil can be used to de-stress, in situations of burnout, anxiety, or emotional instability, and as a way to achieve feelings of peace and calm in difficult situations. This oil also works well to help open up congested and constricted breathing passageways.

Wildcrafted Cape Chamomile (Eriocephalus Punctulatus): Due to its 75 to 80% esters, Cape Chamomile Essential Oil is well known as one of the most calming oils in aromatherapy, next to Neroli and Melissa, and more powerfully calming than German Chamomile. It removes heat from the nerves and soothes the nervous system.

Organic Blue Tansy (Tanacetum Annuum): Like the chemically-related chamomile essential oils, blue tansy essential oil offers relief from stress and tension. It is known to be emotionally relaxing, and it reduces irritability, anxiety, and anger while promoting focus and calm. Blue tansy essential oil also contains compounds that are known for their anti-histamine and anti-inflammatory properties which helps to quell allergic responses to irritants. 

Reduces feelings of stress and restlessness... Several of the oils included in our Sleepy Blend carry antispasmodic and sedative effects, making it a powerful calming agent as well as being helpful in aiding the mind and spirit to resolve negative emotions. It can also be used to overcome anxiety, relieve stress, and even conquer insomnia.

Promotes a calming, sleep-inducing atmosphere... This blend promotes deeply restorative sleep and positive emotions while resting and relaxing your physical and emotional being. Its creamy, dreamy scent envelops the space and creates feelings of relaxation and rejuvenation. 

Helps to still anxious thoughts... Several of the essential oils in this blend are powerful anti-anxiety agents. They can be used to relieve tension and stress and can be conducive to easing troubles of the over-active mind. 


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