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    Melissa Hydrosol - Bulgaria
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      Melissa Hydrosol - Bulgaria

      • Botanical Name: Melissa Officinalis
      • Plant Part: Leaves
      • Method of Extraction: Steam Distilled 
      • Country of Origin: Bulgaria
      • Color/Consistency: Clear with Thin Consistency
      • Aroma: Light, Fresh, Fruity, and Soft Lemony Aroma
      • 2oz Spray Bottle
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    This Melissa Hydrosol is steam-distilled from fresh leaves in a process that captures the extensive properties of both the oil and the live plant. This sweet, lemony aromatic water makes a great facial toner and can gently freshen and uplift your space. This hydrosol is very gentle, which means it can be used by all ages and sensitivities.

    Specific Benefits of Bulgarian Melissa Hydrosol:

    Mood Lifter...This hydrosol is most significantly known for being an effective energizer and is great for uplifting your mood and enhancing your overall disposition. 

    Skin Care...This hydrosol is perfect for dry, dull skin. With the detoxifying effects of Melissa and the gentleness of a diluted spray, it's ideal for rejuvenating worn out skin cells. With a few spritzes of our a Melissa Hydrosol, your skin will feel awake and clean.

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