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Purchase Melissa Essential Oil (Lemonbalm) - Organic
    Melissa Essential Oil (Lemonbalm) - Organic

    • Botanical Name: Melissa Officinalis
    • Plant Part: Leaves
    • Method of Extraction: Steam Distilled
    • Country of Origin: Bulgaria
    • Color/Consistency: Golden Yellow Color with Thin Consistency
    • Main Chemical Components: Geranial (44.47%), Neral (33.37%), beta-Caryophyllene (4.76%)

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Melissa Essential Oil (Lemonbalm) is considered one of the most powerful essential oils in all of aromatherapy, and it's also one of the most adulterated oils in the industry, ours is true Melissa Officinalis from a very reliable source. 

True Melissa Essential Oil is most significantly known for being an effective mood lifter. Indeed, just smelling the oil can create an immediate uplift. 

Melissa Essential Oil is also known as a nerve tonic because of it's ability to support the body in avoiding and eliminating nervous disorders such as vertigo, nervousness and convulsions. Melissa's sedative qualities support the calming of inflammation, anxiety, nervousness, trauma, shock and insomnia

It is also good for the stomach and digestive system as it aids in healing wounds, scratches or ulcers in the stomach, maintains proper flow of gastric juices and bile into the stomach, and also protects it from infections. Speaking of the stomach, Melissa Essential Oil is also used as a remedy for bloating, gas and cramping because it can help to expel gases that build up in the intestines by reducing tension in the abdominal muscles. 

Melissa has also been found to be effective for inhibiting bacterial infections in the colon, intestines, urinary tract and kidney. Melissa supports healthy sweating and detoxification through the skin. It's wonderful for when someone has a fever as Melissa supports "sweating out the toxins". 

And for those with hypertension, Melissa supports reduction in blood pressure. Issues relating to menstruation and Post Menstrual Syndrome may also be alleviated with the help of true Melissa oil. 

These include things like obstructed menses, irregular menses, pain and extreme fatigue during periods, untimely menopause, annoyance, and depression after menopause. This oil is also found effective in aromatherapy to assist with healing of herpes, sores, ulcers, fungal infections, headaches, and fatigue

It also boosts memory. See our pre-diluted Organic Melissa in Argan oil meant for immediate topical application!

Perfumery Note: Middle 

Aroma: Light, Fresh, Fruity, and Lemony 

Not sure whether to choose our Natural or Organic Melissa? Read this:

  • Our Natural Melissa essential oil is higher in the chemicals B Caryophyllene and Germacrene, while our Organic Melissa (besides being certified Organic) is higher in the chemicals Neral and Geranial. Here are the properties of those chemicals:
Natural (More Lemony Aroma) Higher in Anti-Inflammatory, Digestive, Neuron Protective, and Anti-Bacterial Properties:
      • Higher in B Caryophyllene, which has been studied for it's ability to trigger bliss chemicals in the brain and produce an anti-inflammatory and neuron protecting response in the body....similar to cannabis, but without the psychoactive effects. B Caryophyllene is also thought to be good for the stomach and digestive system as it can aid in healing wounds, scratches or ulcers in the stomach; for maintaining proper flow of gastric juices and bile into the stomach, and for protecting the stomach from infections.
      • Higher in Germacrene, which has antibacterial properties and can be effective for inhibiting bacterial infections in the colon, intestines, urinary tract and kidneys.
Organic (More Herbaceous Aroma) Higher in Anti-Cancerous and Anti-Oxidant Properties:
        • Higher in Neral, which makes this oil possess a deeper and slightly sweeter herbaceous smell than its counterpart. Neral is a form of Citral, which is being investigated for its ability trigger self destruction of cancerous cells through a mechanism they call programmed cell death.
        • Higher in Geranial, which is a natural antioxidant that has been suggested to help prevent cancer.

    Be sure to only use the real thing...
    Melissa (Lemonbalm) is considered one of the most powerful essential oils in all of aromatherapy, and it's also one of the most adulterated oils in the industry...Ours is true Melissa Officinalis from a very reliable source...Please see our GCMS linked to this product page. Melissa Essential Oil steam distillations yield can be as low as under a tenth of a percent. In addition very few distillations are even attempted. These facts contribute to the high cost of this rare oil.


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