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Purchase King & Queen - 100% Pure Essential Oil Blend
    King & Queen - 100% Pure Essential Oil Blend

    • 100% Pure Essential Oil Blend - Agarwood 2017, Bulgarian Rose Otto  
    • Therapeutic Grade Aromatherapy
    • Made in Hawaii
    • Also Available as a Body Oil

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Our King & Queen Blend is the perfect marriage of two of our most prized oils, Bulgarian Rose Otto and Agarwood (OUD). Both grounding and uplifting all at once; this blend allows the release of tension and stress and opens up body and spirit to deep relaxation, introspection and compassion.

The delicate, intoxicating aroma of Bulgarian Rose Otto lends beautifully to high vibrational healing and can help aid in spiritual connection and meditative practices. As a complement, the warmth of Agarwood's rich, woodiness stimulates the mind and strengthens concentration, allowing the natural ebb and flow of thought and feeling while creating a soft space for reflection.

Bulgarian Rose Otto:

Bulgarian Rose Otto Essential Oil, also known as Rose Otto, is harvested from the world-renowned Kazanlak Valley of Roses. The rose is closely associated with love and the heart, and this essential oil is a manifestation of that nature.

Heart opener... Bulgarian Rose Otto is known for its impact on the heart chakra, opening us to stronger relationships, unconditional love, and a better connection with ourselves and others.

Mood booster... Rose Otto's light, floral scent boosts mood, induces feelings of lightness, and eliminates anxiety and depression.

Aphrodisiac... Because of its impact on emotions and the heart chakra, Bulgarian Rose Otto is also a potent aphrodisiac.


Agarwood Essential Oil, also known as OUD oil, is an extremely rare and precious oil extracted from trees in the Aquilaria family. Because there are so few of these trees left, and because of the lengthy distillation process, agarwood oil is one of the rarest natural products in the world. Miracle Botanicals has sourced some of the highest quality agarwood extract from Laos to include in blends just like this.

Mind opening... Agarwood essential oil is known to illuminate the mind, strengthen concentration, and help clear negative thoughts.

Aphrodisiac... Agarwood's earthy, musky aroma is also an aphrodisiac, encouraging intimacy and play.

Pain relief... With antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, agarwood is also a deeply healing oil for joint pain, skin conditions, and more.


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