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Purchase Itch & Rash Relief Essential Oil Blend
    Itch & Rash Relief Essential Oil Blend

  • A gentle and effective blend of premium, therapeutic grade carrier and essential oils for Itch & Rash Relief associated with Eczema, Psoriasis, and other skin irritations

    Essential oil to carrier oil ratio is 2%

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This blend was originally crafted by Hope Johnson, our founder, as a custom blend for a client dealing with eczema and psoriasis. The client was happy with the results, so we decided to add it to our offerings.

Our Itch & Rash Relief Blend is a soothing mix of hydrating and highly therapeutic oils developed as a remedy to relieve itching, pain and redness brought on by eczema, psoriasis and other skin related issues. Because we already diluted the essential oils in carrier oil, this blend can be applied directly to the skin.

Itch & Rash Relief is a thoughtful and 100% all natural blend of Manuka, Lavender Bulgaria, Geranium, Mountain Juniper Berry, Elemi, and Calendula in a Rose Hip Seed Carrier oil. Links to each of the ingredients as well as a summary of their usefullness in this blend can be found by clicking the "Benefits" tab located at the top of this frame.

Manuka: Manuka oil has quite a few beneficial uses, from reducing inflammation to promoting wound healing, it even fights fungus infections! It's a truly beneficial addition to our Itch & Rash Relief blend.

Lavender Bulgaria: Our Bulgarian lavender oil fights inflammation and is known for its soothing properties. It can also calm the mind that is focused on itching.

Geranium: Having itchy skin can be stressful! Geranium oil, another anti-inflammatory, will soothe your aching skin and ease your stress at the same time.

Mountain Juniper Berry: Mountain Juniper Berry oil has been used historically as a relief for eczema-related itches. It's also a great insect repellent and can soothe itches related to bug bites.

Elemi: This wonderful oil has antiseptic and antimicrobial properties that help boost cell development. This means a speedy recovery for that pesky rash or skin condition.

Calendula: When applied topically, calendula oil will relieve pain related to rashes.

Rosehip Seed Carrier Oil: Rosehip has been used for centuries to heal the human body. The rosehip seeds aids in collagen production and is full of vitamins! Specifically, rosehip seed has Vitamin C, which is known to help heal wounds and dry skin.
Apply moderately to skin affected by itch, rash or redness twice per day, or as desired.

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