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Purchase Galbanum Essential Oil - CO2 Extracted
    Galbanum Essential Oil - CO2 Extracted

    • Botanical Name: Ferula Galbaniflua
    • Plant Part: Resin
    • Method of Extraction: CO2 Extracted
    • Country of Origin: Iran
    • Color/Consistency: Clear Yellow with Thin Consistency
    • Aroma: Fresh, Spicy, Balsamic, Woody
    • Perfumery Note: Top
    • Main Chemical Components: beta-Pinene (37.5%), alpha-Pinene (9.8%), delta-3-Carene (6.2%)

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Galbanum Essential Oil has been used since ancient times, as Roman and Greek civilizations would burn it in incense sticks, use it in religious ceremonies, place it in bath water, and use it in skin balms and perfumes. The fresh, spicy, and woody aroma brings pleasure to the body, mind, and spirit. 

Our Galbanum Essential Oil is extracted from resins excreted from Galbanum plants that grow wild in the hills of Iran. Galbanum Essential Oil is commonly used to calm and balance the psyche. Also, the oil is used to center and harmonize, relieving stress, nervous tension, anger, depression, and anxiety. 

Properties: Anti-arthritic, Anti-rheumatic, Anti-inflammatory, Anti-spasmodic, Cicatrisant, Circulatory, Decongestant, Detoxifier, Emollient, Insecticide, Anti-parasitic, Vulnerary 

Aroma: Fresh, Spicy, Balsamic, Woody 

Perfumery Note: Top 

Specific Benefits of Galbanum Essential Oil:

Improve Respiratory Circulation
If you seem to have a sluggish respiratory system, galbanum can help. Add galbanum to the diffusor or to a massage blend that includes other oils that get things moving. See the recipes tab on this page for more information.

Improve Muscular Circulation
Muscular aches and pains, rheumatism, and arthritis can all benefit from massages and body oils containing galbanum. Dilute to 5-10% for body massage. Try adding this oil to our Pain Relief Formula or Advanced Pain and Nerve Formula to amplify its potency.

Ease Digestive Disturbances
Humans in the Eastern parts of the world know that galbanum essential oil is helpful for easing digestive disturbances. They use it regularly for symptoms like flatulence, indigestion, and abdominal cramps.
Add 7-8 drops of galbanum to a teaspoon of carrier oil and massage the abdomen for five minutes up to three times a day to ease digestive troubles.

For thousands of years, Galbanum oil has been used for skin care treatments to reverse aging skin. Galbanum essential oil is useful for removing scars, detoxifying, lifting and rejuvenating the skin. The oil is used in aromatherapy as a regenerative for wrinkles and scar tissue. Galbanum is also used as an antiseptic and antimicrobial, for wound healing and ridding the body and face of acne (To use for skincare, dilute to 2% total essential oils in carrier oil).

Calm Nerves and Reduces Stress
This oil has an earthy and woody scent that's reminescent of the color green. It promotes a deep sense of calm and retreat from stressful states.

Spiritual Awareness
"A sacrificial fragrance that allows for the shedding of old ideas and outdated behavior and attitudes, resulting in total surrender to the Creator.  It sheds light on life`s purpose and on the the inner self. 

It communicates with the deeper layers of self, allowing a gradual unfolding of truth for those who have been blinded by success and ambition, allowing a sense of balance within the spiritual and physical self.

This fragrance should always be used with caution for what it might unveil – sadnesses, wrongdoings, untruthfulness, and crimes against the soul.  It should only be used by those who have already traveled a large part of their life`s journey, and having perhaps settled in their ways,  find an urgency for stronger beliefs and the wish to walk in the light.

Be aware, galbanum brings with it all knowledge – in all its many forms." Valerie Ann Wormwood from her book, The Fragrant Heavens

Some aromatherapists recommend Galbanum Essential Oil as a tonic for the sacral chakra, calming nerves and emotions and allowing for a release of creative energy. 

Female Hormone Balancing
Galbanum Essential Oil is known to be a female reproductive balancer. Which lends to the reduction of cramping and bloating as well as the symptoms of PMS.

Relieve Respiratory Distress
20 drops Galbanum Essential Oil
Blend all oils together and add to a diffuser or dilute to 5% (that would be 7-8 drops of essential oil per tsp of carrier oil)

Mystical Mood Diffusion or Perfume Blend
Galbanum essential oil
Use an equal amount of each oil or experiment with varrying quantities. Add to a diffusor or dilute to 10-20% in carrier oil for a perfume blend (that would be 15-30 drops per tsp)

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