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Exotic Wood Set is a collection contains six essential oils, steam distilled from some of the most unique and traditionally revered trees around the world. Each has a unique aroma and history.


Nootka Tree

Nootka Tree Essential Oil is distilled from the Nootka cedar tree of Canada. It is known as one of the strongest cedar varieties in the world. The native peoples known as the Nootka tribe have long used it for medicine, and everything from bowls to baskets. Its scent reminiscent of the forest brings clarity and an uplifting atmosphere.
Pemou Essential Oil, also known as Siam Wood, is a rare and valuable essential oil. It's extracted from the roots and wood of a cypress-like tree that grows in Vietnam and other parts of southeast Asia. The Vietnamese believe that Pemou brings eternal life, so it's not surprising this Essential Oil has long played a role both in traditional medicine as well as in religious ritual.
Hinoki Essential Oil comes from a unique species of cypress native to Japan. Hinoki wood, the source of the Essential Oil, was traditionally used for building shrines in Japan thanks to its resistance to parasites and fungi.
Buddha Wood Essential Oil has a rich woody aroma and is one of the strongest woods to come out of Australia. Buddha Wood is commonly used for meditation, as the oil is calming, grounding, and creates a layer of protection around the auric field.
Greenheart Wood Essential Oil has been used for many generations by native people in Kenya for many of its medicinal purposes. Traditionally, Greenheart Wood is known as "Wonder Tree" due to its reputation of healing stomach ache and erectile dysfunction.
The majestic Arborvitae tree, known as the "Tree of Life", is part of the old growth cedar forests of North America. Traditionally the wood from this tree has been used by Native Americans for medicinal benefits and for building vessels and structures.

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