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Purchase Cumin Essential Oil - CO2 Extracted
    Cumin Essential Oil - CO2 Extracted

    • Botanical Name: Cuminum Cyminum
    • Plant Part: Seeds
    • Method of Extraction: CO2 Extracted
    • Country of Origin: India
    • Color/Consistency: Dark Greenish Brown/Thin Consistency
    • Aroma: Pungent, Spicy, Musky, Anise-like
    • Perfumery Note: Middle
    • Main Chemical Components: Cuminaldehyde (73.06%), Gamma-Terpinen-7-al (8.85%), Gamma-Terpinene (2.76%)

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Cumin Essential Oil is obtained by supercritical CO2 extraction from cumin seeds, and carries the same therapeutic benefits as raw cumin. Due to its intense and pungent aroma, it is best used lightly in aromatherapy blends, and should be adequately diluted when applied topically. 

Cumin is a popular spice that's been in use for thousands of years. A member of the parsley family, it produces seeds that are used for seasoning as well as for their health benefits, which include improving immunity, aiding digestion, and even weight loss.

Properties: Antibacterial, Carminative, Digestive, Diuretic, Antiseptic, Anti-spasmodic, Emmenagogue, Nervine, Tonic 

Perfumery Note: Middle 
Aroma: Pungent, Spicy, Musky, Anise-like 

Digestive health... Cumin has long been used for dealing with a range of digestive issues. Cumin Essential Oil is commonly used to relieve digestive discomfort, and has been proven scientifically to reduce irritable bowel syndrome. 

Skincare... Thanks to its anti-inflammatory compounds, Cumin Essential Oil is recommended in the aromatherapy community for helping with inflammatory skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema, and has also been proposed as a way of clearing acne. Furthermore, antioxidants present in cumin essential oil are known to help repair skin damage and might even slow premature skin aging. 

Liver health... Cumin Essential Oil is believed to prevent liver damage and disease. In this way, cumin is known to support proper functioning of the liver, which is critical for removing toxins from the body. 

NOTE: Cumin Essential Oil is moderately phototoxic, which means it should not be used topically on skin that will be exposed to sunlight in the next 12 hours.
Relieving belly cramps
1 oz. Argan Oil 
2 drops Cumin Essential Oil 
Mix the oils together and then massage the blend onto your belly to relieve the muscles and nerves and to easy cramps. 

Anti-aging serum
1 oz. Argan Oil 
2 drops Cumin Essential Oil 
Mix the oils and apply to clean, dry skin twice a day. 

Anti-inflammatory massage oil
4 drops Cumin Essential Oil 
Mix the oils together and apply to areas of skin that are suffering from inflammatory conditions such as eczema.

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