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Purchase Christmas Tree - 100% Pure Essential Oil Blend
    Christmas Tree - 100% Pure Essential Oil Blend

    • Ingredients: Pure Essential Oil Blend of Fir Needle, Cypress, Juniper Berry, Scotch Pine, Balsam Fir, Black Spruce 
    • Aroma: Piney, Woody, Fresh
    • Therapeutic Grade Aromatherapy
    • Made in Hawaii
    • NEW! Our old "Christmas Tree" blend is now titled "Christmas Wreath"

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In anticipation of the coming season of joy and giving, we want to introduce a disinfecting and purifying blend that reminds us of the fresh woodsy aroma from a decked out Christmas tree that fills our homes during the winter months. Christmas Tree blend is particularly useful for cleansing and clearing the air and adding respiratory support during the time of year when congestion, cold and flu are rampant. Freshen up your home and ring in the spirit of the holidays with this crisp blend that will transport you to a piney winter forest. This blend is brand new! The oil blend that was formerly titled "Christmas Tree" is now "Christmas Wreath" which can be found here

Fir Needle

Fir Needle Essential Oil has a soft and fresh Christmas tree scent. It is clearing and cleansing, and Fir Needle also offers respiratory support during a time of the year where viruses and congestion are common.

Scotch Pine

Thanks to its powerful antibacterial and antiviral compounds, Scotch Pine essential oil helps combat harmful microorganism that can lead to colds and flus as well as various other infections and diseases. Scotch Pine essential oil can also be used topically to treat irritations due to arthritis and to relieve pain and swelling.

Juniper Berry 

Hungarian Juniper Berry Essential Oil yields superior strength and effectiveness; known since ancient times to ward off evil spirits. Juniper Berry Essential Oil is distilled from the blue-colored berries grown on an evergreen shrub native to areas in the Northern Hemisphere. This oil is known for opening airways to improve breathing, increasing alertness and engery and detoxifiying blood and soft tissues. 

Black Spruce 

Black Spruce Essential Oil is recommended in aromatherapy to help open up respiratory passageways, relieve congestion, and relieve breathing problems such as bronchitis. For these reasons, it has traditionally been used in spas, saunas, and in massage oils. 


Mediterranean Cypress Essential Oil adds another layer of fresh piney sweetness to this blend. It is a great oil for connecting to the spirit of the holidays.

Balsam Fir

Similar to Fir Needle, Balsam Fir Essential Oil is a popular variety of Christmas tree and brings a familiar, fresh aroma. Balsam Fir is great for immunity, decreasing inflammation and supporting breathing. Refreshing and healing all in one.


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