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Essential oil is our passion! Ever since mama Hope was introduced to essential oils after the birth of our third child, these precious plant spirits have become part of our family’s daily life and over time every aspect of our lives has been transformed.

Like many people, we discovered that aromatherapy can be used as remedies for various physical, mental and emotional maladies – even when there has been no known medical solution.

But beyond the apparent alleviation of symptoms, Hope discovered that essential oils were sharing something much more vital…spiritual wisdom.

More specifically, essential oil molecules are coherent beings who are aware of our true identity as spirit. When human beings come into contact with plants, it’s the essential oils contained within them that communicate their awareness mentally. As Hope Johnson and her family have discovered, this can result in a total life transformation just by using essential oils over time.

After a few years using essential oils, Hope noticed that programmed patterns of thought and habitual ways of being were no longer running her life. She was beginning to sense life from the perspective of nature as ease, joy and grace began to permeate her consciousness.

More and more, the spiritual messages conveyed through her contact with essential oils helped Hope to realize the true order of things, and the inherent Divinity of all beings. Slowly her sense of being enslaved and victimized by circumstances was overcome with empowerment and gratitude for whatever happened.

This led to greater degrees of peace, happiness, and wellbeing for Hope and her family. In time, Hope’s consciousness became a powerful conduit for communicating spiritual wisdom in its own right, and Hope began consciously appreciating our essential oils for their spiritual wisdom.

When Hope began sharing her essential oils, people would notice that they received a deeper healing and more powerful sense of peace than they experienced previously with essential oils.

Not only were their symptoms being remedied, but the underlying energetic causes of their symptoms were being resolved at their core.

Hope recognized that not only was her family given the gift of being able to find essential oils that were far superior in terms of potency and rarity; but that those essential oils combined with her love were meant to help restore the collective mind to its original state of innocence and peace.

That’s why Miracle Botanicals was formed, and Hope, together with her husband Tony and their daughter Achaia source the finest quality essential oils and natural essences available for this purpose.

These precious materials are brought to our family home on the Big Island of Hawaii, where they receive loving appreciation from Hope Johnson before they are lovingly bottled, packaged and sent off to wherever they can be of greatest value.

We hope you enjoy our products, and we’d love to hear about your personal journey with them.

To learn more about Hope Johnson’s spiritual teachings and her book, please visit

With much Aloha!

Hope, Tony, and Achaia Johnson

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