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Purchase Uluhe Fern Hydrosol - Wildcrafted
    Uluhe Fern Hydrosol - Wildcrafted

    • Botanical Name: Dicranopteris Linearis
    • Method of Extraction: Steam Distilled
    • Place of Origin: Island of Hawai'i
    • Plant Part: Leaves and Fiddleheads
    • Aroma: Soft, Green, Slightly Berry-like

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This artisan hydrosol is handcrafted in small batches right here on the Big Island of Hawai'i! The message of this unique hydrosol is sublte, yet potent.

The Uluhe Fern (pronounced oo-LOO-hay) is well known in the Hawaiian Islands, but is found all over the wet Old World tropics and adjacent regions, including Polynesia and the Pacific. It is also known as the Old World Forked Fern and the False Staghorn Fern. The Uluhe Fern can thrive in places that have very little soil or nutrients, and is a major builder of soil in native rainforest. Other plants rely of the foundation that Uluhe creates.

The medicine of this plant is associated with Feminine Creation and everything that that entails. This includes the nurturing and nourishing energy often associated with motherhood, as well as the fractaline quantum energy that exists in the womb space. If you take a look at the baby fern shoots of this species, you will see that they even look a lot like the female reproductive system. 

On our island, these plants especially thrive in the rainforest near our active volcano, KÄ«lauea. This is the space where the raw, explosive (and sometimes even destructive) creation energy that is born from the volcano begins to ripple out, slow down, and shift into its next phase of stable evolution and growth.

Traditionally, Native Hawaiians drank a liquid made from Uluhe as a cure for constipation. In Indochina, New Guinea, and Malaysia, this fern has been used to treat intestinal worms, skin ulcers, wounds, and fever. In vitro samples of the Uluhe fern kill bacteria.

In addition, this hydrosol has been artisinally alchemized in a copper alembic still. Copper has been used for its healing properties by many different cultures, including the ancient Mesopotamians, Indians, and Egyptians. Copper is known to naturally neutralize toxins, ionize and balance water (due in part to its pH). In ayurvedic teachings, copperized water is also used to naturally balance the body's three doshas.

Aroma: mild, green, slightly berry-like

Inspires: creativity, appreciation for your authentic Self, patience, trusting the present moment, expanded awareness, nourishing one's self and one's environment, alignment, groundedness/"grounding down", sending one's energy down into the earth

May bring balance to: female reproductive system, adrenal fatigue, rushing, controlling beliefs, over-mothering, under-mothering, apathy, disconnection
Specific Benefits of Uluhe Fern Hydrosol:

This plant stimulates feelings of divine creativity that are in alignment with your own authentic expression.

Uluhe offers support in surrendering to the perfection of the present moment, inspiring feelings of patience and groundedness. This energy is particularly helpful for those who choose to honor the Spiral Path, as well as the the natural ebb and flow of the organic cycles within yourself and your universe.

This plant inspires nurturing feelings and actions towards onesself and one's environment, which creates a sphere of balance and nourishment. This effect tends to naturally ripple out into the different organ systems in your body, including the female reproductive system.

This hydrosol has antibacterial properties and may be helpful for healing wounds or bringing balance to acne-prone skin.

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