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    Tarragon Essential Oil
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      Tarragon Essential Oil

      • Botanical Name: Artemisia Dracunculus
      • Plant Part: Flowering Plant
      • Method of Extraction: Steam Distilled
      • Country of Origin: USA
      • Color/Consistency: Clear/Slight Yellow Tinge with Thin Consistency
      • Aroma: Sweet-Anise, Spicy-Green
      • Perfumery Note: Middle
      • Main Chemical Components: Estragole (72.17%), trans-beta-Ocimene (9.82%), Limonene (6.7%), cis-beta-Ocimene (6.33%)
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    Tarragon is a small, bushy plant, favored by the culinary industry for the uniquely sweet and spicy flavor, reminiscent of licorice. Used in aromatherapy, tarragon is refreshing and uplifting for the spirit. Known over the world with nicknames of 'Little Dragon' and 'King of Herbs', this plant is renowned for its healing benefits. 

    Specific Benefits of Tarragon Essential Oil as follows: 

    Supports Heart Health....Tarragon is known to contribute to a healthy heart by preventing compounds from accumulating in the arteries and blood vessels. Supports 
    Female Health... Tarragon can aid in regulating hormones leading to a healthy menstrual cycle and reproductive health. 
    Building Muscle...Studies have shown that compounds in Tarragon help increase the absorption of creatine, leading to increased muscle mass. 

    Properties: Antibacterial, Anti-inflammatory, Antimicrobial, Antioxidant, Antispasmodic, Diuretic, Vermifuge, Emmenagogue 

    Recipes We Love:

    Happy Belly Massage Oil: 
    3 drops Tarragon Essential Oil 
    Blend the essential oils together, then add to the Argan base. 
    Massage into the abdomen to promote relaxation and healthy digestion. 

    Hormone Balancing Inhalation: 
    3 drops Tarragon Essential Oil 
    All of these essential oils are known to help balance hormones. 
    You can mix and match them as you prefer by using a few drops of each in your diffuser. 

    Herbal Diffusion: 
    3 drops Tarragon Essential Oil 
    Add these oils to a diffuser to promote healthy appetites and fill the atmosphere with a fresh, herbal aroma.

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