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  • SKU: Nicholas' Blend
    Nicholas' Blend

    • Synergistic Blend of the Following Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils: Cinnamon Bark, Frankincense Sacra, Myrrh and Cannabis Sativa
    • Made in Hawaii
    • Infused with love

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This is an Essential Oil Blend for spiritual enlightenment and healing everything that can be perceived as unhealed.  It can conjure the most powerful Creator (God), uniting with the heart and the ability to create your reality.

5 Steps for Success

How to Win the Clubhouse Game

-record everything with your party hat on

-write down the words of the people you respect

-respect others with the sentiment of Oneness

-Believe Big and the amazing and unstoppable await you

-we are all open and yet still remain closed

---don’t push people if the door doesn’t open. Move on to the next one...we are all in the hall of mirrors, only disgusted by pieces of ourselves we see distorted in the reflection. 

Blend designed by Nicholas Iuliani of

Specific Benefits of Nicholas' Essential Oil Blend:

Frankincense Sacra - Frankincense Sacra is skin regenerative, anti-cancer and anti-inflamatory. It is also soothing to the mind and a great essential to use for meditation and healing.

Cannabis Sativa -  Cannabis Sativa is a potent anti-inflamatory and anti-cancer essential oil. It can help the mind relax and uplift.

Myrrh -  Myrrh is great for skincare, focusing the mind and relieving anxiety. Myrrh has also been used when diluting essential oils to extend the healing properties in blends. 

Cinnamon Bark - Cinnamon can help purify and detoxify the body. This is a warming oil and when diluted properly it can help relieve pain. Cinnamon is also a great way to increase focus and stimulate the mind.


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