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    Lovely Essential Oil Blend
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    Lovely Essential Oil Blend inspires a connection to our fun and carefree side as well as our softness and tenderness through touching our innermost heartspace. Playful and exciting, it is intended to invigorate and inspire us with sweetness while simultaneously bringing about a confident calmness and clarity. The brightness of the neroli, silky vanilla, and heart opening sandalwood play together to inspire a sense of purity, innocent playfulness, and sensuality. Tuning in deeper into this Lovely Essential Oil Blend will uncover the power of our spirit's ecstasy. Anoint for a luxurious sense of grace, tenderness, playfulness, and love. Massage to discover the light of ecstasy deep within and let it permeate out through every cell and fiber of our body. * Tickled by the delight Of Love's playful antics In harmony with the Peace of the innermost Heart We rejoice in this blessed Life and allow our soft sweet love to constantly bless us and all we encounter with tender Grace

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