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    Forgiving - 100% Pure Essential Oil Blend
    Purchase Forgiving - 100% Pure Essential Oil Blend
      Forgiving - 100% Pure Essential Oil Blend

      • Pure Essential Oil Blend for Forgiving Guilty Perceptions
      • 100% Pure Cape Chamomile, Hawaiian Sandalwood and Somalian Myrrh
      • Also Available as a Body Oil - Pure Forgiving Essential Oil Blend in Argan
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    This Forgiving Essential Oil Blend was inspired on January 11, 2016 when Hope Johnson was guided to use this combination of oils to assist anyone who's ready to heal the cause of feeling guilty. This blend is recommended for anyone dealing with blameful, guilty or shameful thoughts, whether they think they are at fault or someone else is at fault. Through her communion with this blend, on July 31, 2019, Hope received this message:

    "Do not deny your perception but deny that what you perceive has any power to make you guilty. In this way, you will be moved to demonstrate that you are innocent, loving and wholly deserving of love."

    A Description of the Oils in This Forgiving Essential Oil Blend:

    • Cape Chamomile - A fruity, floral aroma containing the highest known Ester content of any essential oil (around 80%) is great for calming anxiety and the stress associated with unforgiveness and belief in victimization.
    • Somalian Myrrh - Used since Biblical times, Myrrh is useful for helping to recognize that forgiving is needed and what it means to forgive. It facilitates clearing the mind, regenerating the spirit and restoring clarity
    • Hawaiian Sandalwood - A sacred and rare oil from the Island of Hawai'i, very high in Santalols (around 80%), which is great for increasing endorphins in the brain, thus reducing perception of pain and facilitating mental quietude...which is the perfect environment for forgiving to occur.

    Instructions for Use:

    • Apply to wrists and temples and inhale from wrists. Keep inhaling from wrists every few minutes for up to 2 hours. When blameful thoughts arise, take another inhalation and keep focusing your attention back to the aroma. No need to try not to think blameful thoughts. The key is in becoming disinterested in them, which happens by repeatedly accepting the unreality of blame in the face of blameful thought patterns.
    • Diffuse a few drops in your space, sit or lie down and focus on your breath and body sensations for 5 minutes or more.
    • Add 5-8 drops to an ounce of vodka, milk, light cream or a handful of crystal salt, and add to a bathtub. Lie back in the bath and focus on breath and body sensations for 5 minutes or more.
    • Anti-aging Skincare - (incidentally, the oils in this blend are also great for skincare) Add 6-12 drops to one ounce of good carrier oil. See our "Carrier Oils" category for ideas.

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