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    Faery Woods - 100% Pure Essential Oil Blend - Limited
    Purchase Faery Woods - 100% Pure Essential Oil Blend - Limited
      Faery Woods - 100% Pure Essential Oil Blend - Limited

      • Ingredients: Pure Essential Oil Blend of Hawaiian Sandalwood, Agarwood, Himalayan Cedarwood, Greenheartwood, Palo Santo, Hinoki, Pemou, Rosewood
      • Aroma: Rich, Cedar, Sweet, Fresh
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    Rosewood is a mighty Evergreen Tree indigenous to Brazil and Peru. In recent years, due to over-harvesting Rosewood is now listed as an endangered species. For a limited time, we are providing the last of our pure Rosewood essential oil supply. Because this blend includes Rosewood it is also a limited item and will be discontinued after we run out.

    Our custom essential oil blend, Faery Woods, is like walking through a mystical forest. Rare and unique trees from all over the world combine to make this grounding, enlivening and meditative aroma.

    Faery Woods Essential Oil Blend Ingredients and Benefits:

    Hawaiian Sandalwood 
    A special variety of sandalwood from the Hawaiian islands, this oil is warm, woodsy, and sweet. 
    Rare and exotic Agarwood boasts a unique, musty, woody aroma. 
    This sweet cedar grown deep in the Himalayan mountains adds a fresh, clearing sweetness to the blend. Cedarwood is used in meditation to ground and calm the spirit. 
    The complex, woody aroma of Greenheart Wood adds a rich basey aroma to this blend. It has a stabilizing, peaceful energy. 
    Intensely fresh Palo Santo is a great meditative aid and helps to clear the body and mind. It adds a minty and citrus notes to this blend. 
    Hinoki is a unique Japanese Cypress. The aroma is woody, spicy, and citrusy. 
    Extracted from the roots of the Vietnamese cypress-like tree, Pemou brings a unique warm and balsamic aroma to the blend. Pemou is historically used in religious ritual to bring long life and feelings of deep calm. 
    Rosewood is a mighty evergreen with a soft, woody and enlivening aroma.

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