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Purchase Ali'i Coffee Body Scrub 10oz.
    Ali'i Coffee Body Scrub 10oz.

    • Moisturizing, Toning, and Skin Rejuvenating Coffee Body Scrub - Handmade, Artisan, 100% Pure Ingredients
    • Made In Hawaii 
    • Ingredients: Freshly Ground Organic Hawaiian Coffee & Sea Salt and Therapuetic Grade Oils
    • Essential Oils: Sweet Fennel, Juniper Berry, Cypress, Clary Sage, Cedarwood Atlas, CO2 Carrot Seed, Pink Grapefruit, Sweet Birch and Coffee Essential Oils
    • 10oz. in Amber Round Heavy Wall Jar
  • $39.97

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Our Coffee Body Scrub contains Organic Hawaiian Coffee Beans, Sea Salt, and a blend of premium therapeutic grade oils including: Watermelon Seed Oil, Sweet Fennel, Juniper Berry, Cypress, Clary Sage, Cedarwood Atlas, CO2 Carrot Seed, Pink Grapefruit, Sweet Birch and Coffee Essential Oils.

Coffee grounds are a mechanical exfoliate that improve circulation, leaving the skin smooth and glowing. When rubbed on the skin, coffee grounds have exfoliating, anti-inflammatory, and circulatory properties.

It is well known that coffee contains caffeine, however, caffeine contains many benefits when applied to the skin. Caffeine tightens the skin, helping reduce cellulite. Caffeine also restricts blood vessels, which reduces swelling and inflammation and helps reduce dark circles under the eyes. Caffeine contains plenty of antioxidants, which helps fight premature skin aging, including wrinkles, sun spots, and fine lines.

Sea salt contained in our coffee body scrub exfoliates the skin, while also thoroughly cleaning the skin pores, allowing the skin to breathe easier. It can stimulate blood circulation and help remove toxins from the skin, while strengthening and firming the skin's tissues.

Our coffee body scrub contains a blend of premium therapeutic grade essential oils that give the scrub extra healing benefits, while leaving the skin smooth, glowing, and smelling amazing. The essential oil blend contained in our coffee body scrub is antiseptic, purifying and cleansing the skin. 

This blend is also extremely moisturizing, hydrating the skin, leaving it supple and rejuvenated. This blend also contains skin tightening and firming essential oils to firm and tone the body.
Massage and scrub onto wet clean skin. 
Let set on skin for several minutes before rinsing.
Lightly dab dry with a towel, allowing the oils to continue to 
absorb deeply into the skin.

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