Sandalwood Mysore Essential Oil - 100% Santalum Album (Mysore, India) 5ml

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This product is Reiki Charged to Deepen the Healing Benefits
Sandalwood Mysore Essential Oil - 100% Santalum Album (Mysore, India) 5ml

Sandalwood Mysore Essential Oil - 100% Santalum Album (Mysore, India) 5ml

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There is very little true Mysore Sandalwood available in today's market. The Indian Government has severely limited the export of this oil until the trees have had a chance for regrowth. The oil offered here is true Mysore Sandalwood essential oil, skillfully steam distilled from the wood of Santalum Album grown sustainably in Mysore India.This oil is Hope Johnson's personal favorite as it is a great skin care oil, meditation oil, and smells delicious!

  • 100% Pure Santalum Album (Mysore, East India) Essential Oil
  • Steam Distilled from Mysore Sandalwood Bark with 90% Santalol Content
  • Reiki Charged
  • 5ml in amber colored European dropper bottle
  • Origin: Mysore, India
  • Chakras Affected: 1st - Root Chakra - Grounding; 2nd - Sacral - Creativity; 3rd - Solar Plexus - Adaptability; 4th - Heart - Love; 5th - Throat - Communication; 6th - Third Eye - Intuition; 7th - Crown - Wisdom
  • Etheric Colors: Green, Orange, Pink, Purple
  • Physical Benefits: Protects from and heals infection both internally and externally, Provides relief from any type of inflammation - Can be taken in milk or water to reduce blood pressure, Relaxes nerves, muscles and blood vessels, Relieves spasm such as cough and cramps, Contracts tissues of muscles, gums and skin, Soothing to skin - fades spots and scars, Relieves skin infections, inflammations and irritations, To moisturize dry, scaly or itchy skin, This oil can also be safely taken with milk to cure internal infections, such as those in throat, oesophagus, stomach, intestines, excretory tracts etc., Improves concentration and memory, and can be used as Deodorant
  • Emotional Benefits: Relaxing, calming, mental clarity and focus, Inhaling immediately calms anxiety and stress
  • Spiritual Benefits: Aids all spiritual practices as it promotes a deep meditative state, Peaceful relaxation, Openness and Grounding, Opens the Mind to Receive Consecration, Creates a Sense of Unity
  • Reiki Benefits: Used to ground, calm and prepare client to receive healing energy
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