Miracle Botanicals Eternal Beauty - Essential Oil Skin Serum 15ml

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This product is Reiki Charged to Deepen the Healing Benefits
Miracle Botanicals Eternal Beauty - Essential Oil Skin Serum 15ml

Miracle Botanicals Eternal Beauty - Essential Oil Skin Serum 15ml

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This Facial Serum is purifying and detoxifying. Great for skin with acne and/or congestion. Watermelon Seed: Excellent moisturizing carrier oil, which helps purify and the skin while restoring elasticity. Argan: Helps with free radical damage and eczema. Pomegranate: Excellent for moisturizing, improving elasticity, reducing wrinkles, and preventing aging. Meadowfoam: High in fatty acids, resulting in rapid absorption in the skin and leaving a light skin feel. Helichrysum: Excellent skin care oil, as it greatly helps with acne, dermatitis, and general skin irritations. CO2 Calendula: Extremely effective in reducing skin inflammation and psoriasis. CO2 Jasmine: Excellent for dry, oily, irritated, and sensitive skin. Sandalwood Mysore: Sandalwood essential oil is extremely anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, and antiviral. CO2 Carrot: Stimulates the formation of new skin cells, as well as the production of sebum in dry skin. Cape Chamomile: Wonderful supportive agent for skin healing, and particularly skin irritations. Bay Laurel: Highly recommended for the treatment of acne, as it is very anti-bacterial.

  • 100% Pure Essential Oil Rejuvenating and Purifying Skin Serum
  • Reiki Charged!
  • Ingredients: Pure and Natural Oils of Watermelon Seed, Argan, Pomegranate, Meadowfoam, Helichrysum Italicum, CO2 Calendula, CO2 Jasmine, Sandalwood Mysore, CO2 Carrot, Cape Chamomile, and Bay Laurel
  • 15ml in amber colored European dropper bottle
  • Made in Hawaii - All ingredients are listed above - no filler ingredients used
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